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11/04/11 03:06 PM #1    


Janet Ellingson (Ungurs)

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12/05/14 12:35 PM #2    

Larry (Aka Lawrence) Carson

SANTA at The Puyallup Fairgrounds.

So here is Franklin Pierce’s very own … and most popular West Coast Santa …  now at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. 

Some may recall that for 7 years he was invited to share smiles and joy at the South Hill Mall but has now relocated to the amazing and newly built North Pole located at the Puyallup Fair Grounds.

And some say that this Santa looks a lot like a younger brother to me.  I wonder why.  J

Posting by Larry Carson



12/07/14 12:39 PM #3    

Ina Christensen (Culberson)

What a cool experience this looks to be!  Makes me wish my children were still young--no, I take that back.  They are great just the ages they are now.  Ina Culberson

12/08/16 01:07 PM #4    

Larry (Aka Lawrence) Carson

And So Here He Is Again ...

Franklin Pierce's Very Own ...  Santa ... At The North Pole ... No Horrible Lines ... Reservations a Must.


Thanks to the folks at the Puyallup Fair Grounds


03/14/19 12:34 PM #5    

Ted Wilson

Thank you for your warm welcome.  Though I was a member of the class for only the first four years with the class at Harvard and  Midland Elementary (k-3) I did grow an attachment in that short time with the students that I started out with.  I later got reaquanted with many when I finally enter FPH. 



08/27/19 06:22 PM #6    

Ted Wilson


I have been thinking of this Idea for a long time and since I have just past the 75 year mark I tought it was time to bring it before the various classes that may wish to do it.  The idea is to have a mulitple class reunion.  All of us went to school with many classes.  The class of 62 had the classes of 59, 60, 61,-,63,and 64 as both student body members as well as classmates through out their years at both elementary and high school.  I myself have the distinction of being a rare breed, a universal student, for I have been a member of 62,63 and 64 through my years of schooling in the FP district.  There was a time I thought they were going have me as the first student to retire from the district without benefits.  I have mentioned this to one member of the class of 62, and they thought it would be a nice occasion.  In the past, the class of 64 was the strongest most motivated class to have gone through the system.  This was told to me by Mr. Ervin seveal years after the 64 graduation.  I believe the class of 62 has the were-with-all to accomplish this project. So I am giving this challenge to this class as well as 63, and 64.  All it will take is to start the conversation and see where it goes.  Well have fun thinking about it.  Ted Wilson, Class of 62,63 and 64.



08/28/19 10:25 AM #7    

Larry (Aka Lawrence) Carson

Re: Multiple Class Year Reunions

My wife graduated from Park City's highschool and they always have multiple class reunions and love it.   Sharing the work, sharing the costs and sharing the fun and laughter.    

At lease for Park City ... its a success.


08/28/19 11:49 AM #8    

Ted Wilson

Glad to hear it Larry, why can't the class of 62 do the same.  Their 60th is coming up in two years, plenty of time to get the word out.  I'll be going to the 64-55th reunion in a couple of weeks, 9/21/19.  Well until another time.  Ted

04/22/21 12:08 PM #9    

Barbara Bagley (Moore)

book now out on Amazon. Bernice Kelley's story ( including Franklin Pierce.)

06/28/21 02:10 PM #10    

James Kellogg

CATHY GAENZLE  Passed away on June 26 th

08/01/21 11:45 AM #11    

Lynnette Creamer (Turner)

So sorry to hear of Kathy's passing.  Although I didn't know her very well , she was alway friendly when we did have contact.  I remember her as a nice person with a great smile.

08/12/21 11:30 AM #12    


Shirley Bottiger (Ostenson)

A memorial to honor Linda Hansen Roush will be help Monday, August 30th at 11:00 AM at Edwards Memorial, 11020 South Tacoma Way (Lakewood).  The family invites all who knew her and loved her to attend. 

(The memorial had been postponed due to Covid restrictions as Linda died last spring.)

08/22/21 11:40 AM #13    


Janet Ellingson (Ungurs)

A Celebration of Life service will be held for Kathy Gaenzle Magarrell on September 18, 2021.  A full obituary as well as service details have been posted to her In Memory page.

09/08/22 06:29 PM #14    


Shirley Bottiger (Ostenson)

Dear Classmates and Fellow Cardinals For Life,

Time and Tide are said to wait for no man.....and its the same with cherry blossoms.  Harold and I will be thinking of you reunioning while we are in New Zealand and Tasmania.  Harold will be advising cherry growers there while I will be smelling the blossoms.  Dreadful that the dates for the blossoming coincided with the reunion.  I'm hoping to see lots of pictures of you all though.  Stay healthy and enjoy our "ripe old age"!!!

Shirley Bottiger Ostenson

09/15/22 07:42 PM #15    

Barbara Kanzler (Brill)

To the whole reunion commettee I want to say Thank You.  The reunion was a great success.  Thanks for the work you did to give everyone a fun afternoon.  I don't think we've changed one bit.  Well maybe a small amount.  Will look forward to the next gathering in the not to distant future.  Barbara Kanzler Brill

09/16/22 10:59 AM #16    


Jerry Stern

Hello    Class of 62! Sorry to have missed the reunion. I was on a golf trip with golfing pals in Redmond and could'nt get back in time. Hope it went well. Would have liked to see everyone.

Thanks to everyone involved in putting this website together and keeping it going. I enjoy being able to keep up with the folks in the class.

Take care and God Bless to you all! Hope to see you at the next one.


09/16/22 05:05 PM #17    


Joni Zitka (Hollyoak)

It appeared that everyone enjoyed another great reunion chatting & catching up with each other's lives .  I mentioned that this would be our last formal gathering but are always open to anyone who would like to organize a pot luck picnic or just a general invite to meet at a particular place & time.  Easiest way to do this is to have Janet post it on our class website.  Really appreciate Janet setting this up all those years ago. Some one suggested we should gather again when we celebrate our 80th birthdays - so who's ready to take the reins on that?  80 ?  Unbelievable!!!  



09/16/22 05:51 PM #18    


Mary Ann Krysiak (Iverson)

Best reunion ever. I  thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to everyone involved. Were the Best in all we do 1-9-6-2.

 I wanted to sing the school song but was told a lot wouldn't remember it. So here are the words as I remember them.

                               HERE'S TO YOU FRANKLIN PIERCE HIGH SCHOOL

                               TO YOU WE ALL SING PRAISE


                               WE BOAST A LOYAL SPIRIT WE'LL TOAST YOU TILL WE DIE

                               HERE'S TO YOU FRANKLIN PIERCE HIGH SCHOOL

                               HERE'S TO YOU F.P. HIGH


I hope I got it right.


09/17/22 09:16 AM #19    

Mary Schnackenberg (Cattani)

I was not able to attend this time due to circumstances far beyond my control (MDS (a blood condition) treatment recovery - I am doing extremely well and will be back to my regular self soon!).   I am in favor of an 80th birthday party - after all 80 is 80, and there' no denying it, so we might as well celebrate it.   Mary Ann, you got it close enough, I say as a former specialist in the subject....

Missed you all.  

Mary Schnack (Cattani)

09/17/22 10:32 AM #20    


Cathy James (Fain)

Just want to say thank you to everyone who put this reunion together for all of us ---the Class of 62. The day was filled with flashbacks of days gone by, life travel experiences and good ole fashion chit chat, smiles and laughter. It was awesome seeing and chatting with all of you there. Jim Shoe I always love to seeing you and chatting, Bon Voyage Jackie Tillman enjoy that  cruise. LoRee Snowden always great to see you and Ron. Tell your brother-in-law Don Snowden he and Arlene better be at the next gathering no excuses! John Thompson great to see you, I think it's been 20 years now since we've chatted, 40th reunion.  Dave Lee or should I say " Flea" great chatting with you.  I could name every one of you as you all made my day exceptionally awesome but this would be a VERY long message. Love to all please come again in the future -- God Bless

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