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11/04/11 03:06 PM #1    


Janet Ellingson (Ungurs)

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12/05/14 12:35 PM #2    

Larry (Aka Lawrence) Carson

SANTA at The Puyallup Fairgrounds.

So here is Franklin Pierce’s very own … and most popular West Coast Santa …  now at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. 

Some may recall that for 7 years he was invited to share smiles and joy at the South Hill Mall but has now relocated to the amazing and newly built North Pole located at the Puyallup Fair Grounds.

And some say that this Santa looks a lot like a younger brother to me.  I wonder why.  J

Posting by Larry Carson



12/07/14 12:39 PM #3    

Ina Christensen (Culberson)

What a cool experience this looks to be!  Makes me wish my children were still young--no, I take that back.  They are great just the ages they are now.  Ina Culberson

12/08/16 01:07 PM #4    

Larry (Aka Lawrence) Carson

And So Here He Is Again ...

Franklin Pierce's Very Own ...  Santa ... At The North Pole ... No Horrible Lines ... Reservations a Must.


Thanks to the folks at the Puyallup Fair Grounds


03/14/19 12:34 PM #5    

Ted Wilson

Thank you for your warm welcome.  Though I was a member of the class for only the first four years with the class at Harvard and  Midland Elementary (k-3) I did grow an attachment in that short time with the students that I started out with.  I later got reaquanted with many when I finally enter FPH. 



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